19 hours ago
The UA Poetry Center is pleased to announce its spring 2018 series, which features poetry and prose reasings, as well as talks and panels, from a great group of contemporary writers.  Find the announcement and full schedule here.       
4 days ago
Explore the south of France in an immersive cultural and educational trip, led by professors who will share their expertise about the region and its art, history and cuisine.   The inaugural College of Humanities Study Abroad Program for Adult Learners will embark for Aix-en-Provence in April, for an exceptional tour designed specifically for lifelong learners, UA alumni and Humanities Seminars... Read More
4 days ago
The University of Arizona Poetry Center, part of the College of Humanities, has been awarded a $500,000 grant from the Art for Justice Fund. The grant will fund a three-year project that will commission new work from leading writers on mass incarceration in the U.S., with the goal of creating awareness and empathy through presentation and publication. In particular, through the work of poets, the... Read More
6 days ago
Mely Bohlman, a College of Humanities Student Ambassador, received the UA Hispanic Alumni Club's Celebration of Excellence Award today.  Bohlman, a senior double majoring in Spanish and Sustainable Plant Systems, is one of two distinguished students to receive the honor, presented at the luncheon Then and Now, A History of Latino Education, sponsored by the UA Hispanic Alumni Club and Chicanos... Read More
2 weeks ago
Congratulations to Dr. David Soren, Regents Professor of Anthropology and Classics at the University of Arizona, who was named Undergraduate Teacher of the Year by the Archaeological Institute of America for 2018! 
2 weeks ago
Martin Luther's choice to unveil his "95 Theses" on Oct. 31 was no coincidence. "The reason he did that was because the next day was All Saints' Day," says Steven D. Martinson, UA Professor of German Studies. "He knew that well-educated people were going to come to the services." Read the full story at       
3 weeks ago
With the 1968 backdrop of Cold War politics and the Vietnam War, a group of politically engaged young academics established the Committee of Concerned Asian Scholars, or CCAS, promising to rethink the divide between East and West.                                                             Criticizing the field of Asian studies as complicit with the United States' policies in Vietnam, the CCAS... Read More
3 weeks ago
The landmark University of Arizona Poetry Center is named one of 25 must-see buildings in Arizona by USA Today.  The Helen S. Schaefer Building, opened in 2007, is a 17,500-square-foot facilty designed by Line and Space LLC, bringing a contemporary note to the UA campus.  Architect Les Wallach employed a design principle called 'a progression toward solitude.' As visitors move from west to east... Read More
4 weeks ago
Excavation is underway of Bisbee’s Warren Ballpark, the country’s oldest, for insight into Southwestern life in the early 1900s.   In the grandstands of Bisbee's Warren Ballpark, along the foul lines and beyond the outfield, baseball fans have gathered for more than a century to watch everyone from miners to Hall of Famers take the field. The artifacts those fans left behind — such as glass... Read More
1 month ago
Professor Alejandro Nava published an essay this month in the popular literature news site Lit Hub on the sorrow and exuberance in novelist Ralph Elison's work.  Ralph Elison's Tragicomic Soul was adapted as an excerpt from Nava's recent book, In Search of Soul: Hip-Hop, Literature and Religion. In the essay, Nava explores the nature of "soul" in Ellison's work, particularly the soul's ability to... Read More