Durand, Alain-Philippe
Dean, College of Humanities
(520) 621-9294
Modern Languages 345
Alain-Philippe Durand is Dorrance Dean of the College of Humanities, Professor of French, Honors College Distinguished Fellow, and affiliated faculty in Africana Studies, Latin American Studies and LGBT Studies at the University of Arizona. His research interests include French and Brazilian literatures, French Cinema, Hip-Hop, and the promotion of the Humanities disciplines in the professions. He is the author and editor of four books: Black, Blanc, Beur. Rap Music and Hip-Hop Culture in the Francophone World; A Techno World. New Electronic Spaces in the French Novel of the 1980s and 1990s; Novels of the Contemporary Extreme, and Frédéric Beigbeder and his doubles. The French Government awarded Durand the Palmes Académiques. The French publication France-Amérique named him among its list of fifty French talents living in the United States.

Dean's Office

Jones, Kim
Vice Dean, Academic Affairs-College of Humanities (On Leave)
Modern Languages 345
(520) 621-9293
Warner, Chantelle
Acting Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
Modern Languages 345
(520) 621-9293
McAllister, Kenneth S
Associate Dean, Research / Program Innovation
Modern Languages 345
(520) 621-1598
Staples, Robin R
Manager, Academic and Faculty Affairs
Modern Languages 345
(520) 621-9293
O'Rourke, Cynthia
Executive Assistant, College of Humanities
Modern Languages 345
(520) 621-9294
Dettman, Minda
Coordinator, Research and Award
Modern Languages 345
(520) 621-5095
Velasco, Brianna Arleen
Administrative Assistant, College of Humanities
Modern Languages 345
(520) 621-1044
Norman, Jordan A
Student Worker
Modern Languages 345
(520) 621-1044

Business Team

Alexander, Toni L
Assistant Dean, Business-Finance
Modern Languages 345
(520) 626-3874
Edmiston, Richard
Director, Business and Finance
Modern Languages 345
(520) 626-3440
Olson, Natalie Elaine
Business Manager
Modern Languages 345
(520) 621-1220
Bresler, David L
IT Procurement & Finance Assistant
Modern Languages 512
Huber, Tim
Student Worker
Modern Languages 345
(520) 621-1044
Le, Thao
Modern Languages 345
(520) 621-5582


Murphy, Michele B
Director, Development-College of Humanities
Modern Languages 345
(520) 626-5711
Hoffacker, William
Administrative Assistant
Modern Languages 345
(520) 626-5711

Marketing and Alumni Relations

Hunt, Amanda Louise
Director, Marketing and Alumni Relations
TOB 110
(520) 626-3855
Finfrock, Jenna A
Manager, Alumni and Donor Affairs
TOB 107
(520) 621-0210
Mehr, Nathan J
Manager, Digital Marketing
TOB 110
(520) 626-2804
Doggett, Michelle L
Graphic Designer, Senior
TOB 110
(520) 626-2804
Hill, TJ
Events Coordinator
TOB 106
(520) 621-3139
Ingram, Richard
Multimedia Specialist, College of Humanities
Murray, Melody R
Soulliard, Elizabeth Ann
Marketing Specialist Associate
TOB 106
(520) 621-2879
Swedlund, Eric Lee
Senior Writer, College of Humanities
TOB 110
(520) 626-7160

Computing Services

Rossmann, Bart
Director, Instructional and Research Computing
Modern Languages 512
Bessick, Benjamin J
IT Architect
Carmon, Hannah Marie
Student Group B
Draper, Jessica Faye
IT Business Analyst and Systems Developer
Modern Languages 512
Erickson, Theah L
Modern Languages 512
Gil, Aracely
Student IT Technician
Leyton, Katherine
Senior Editor, Digital Content
Modern Languages 512
Lu, Kevin
Web Developer, College of Humanities
Modern Languages 512
McCune, E Cruiser
Principal Application Systems Analyst / Developer
Modern Languages 512
Osorio, Jesus Francisco
IT Services Coordinator
Modern Languages 512
Quintero, Patrick E
Systems Administrator
Modern Languages 512

Advising and Recruitment

Gonzales, Daniel J
Director, Academic Advising and Student Services
Rodriguez, Karina M
Director, Recruitment
345 Modern Languages
Webb, Jeremiah A
Specialist, Student Success and Retention
Perez, Vanessa A
Senior Academic Advisor II
Royal, Devyn
Senior Academic Advisor I
Valenzuela, Vanessa
Academic Advisor II
Whittaker, Emma
Academic Advisor II

Department Heads

Karen Seat, School of International Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Praise Zenenga, Africana Studies

Albert Welter, East Asian Studies

Carine Bourget, French and Italian

Barbara Kosta, German Studies

Caleb Simmons, Interdisciplinary Studies

Judd Ruggill, Public and Applied Humanities

Karen Seat, Religious Studies and Classics

John Leafgren, Russian and Slavic Studies

Santa Arias, Spanish and Portuguese

Center and Program Directors

Jiang Wu, Center for Buddhist Studies

Bryan Carter, Center for Digital Humanities

Wenhao Diao, Scott Gregory, Center for East Asian Studies

Beatrice Dupuy, Chantelle Warner, Center for Educational Resources in Culture, Languages, and Literacy

Robert Cote, Center for English as a Second Language

Jieun Ryu, Critical Languages Program

Micah Lunsford, Humanities Seminars Program

Sonia Colina, National Center for Interpretation

Tyler Meier, Poetry Center

Andrea Holm, Writing Skills Improvement Program