Colleen Lucey Honored with 2022 COH Teaching Award

May 13th, 2022

Dr. Colleen Lucey, Assistant Professor of Russian and Slavic Studies, is the recipient of the College of Humanities 2022 Distinguished Teaching Award.


“Dr. Lucey’s contributions have been truly monumental in promoting the teaching mission of the Department and College, the academic success of our students, and the diversity in the field of Russian and Slavic Studies,” wrote John Leafgren, Head of the Department of Russian and Slavic Studies, in nominating her for the award. “Dr. Lucey’s success as a teacher is confirmed by superior student course evaluations, the large number of students attracted to her courses, and numerous letters of support.”


Lucey teaches a wide array of graduate and undergraduate courses in literature, language and culture, including Russian from elementary to advanced levels and popular general education courses on Slavic folklore that attract hundreds of students. She joined the faculty in 2015, first as an instructor, then a visiting assistant professor, and since 2017 has been an assistant professor.


In addition to classroom teaching and research, Lucey is active in mentoring students, leading study abroad programs, and is faculty advisor for the Russian Club. She was co-founder and co-director of the Russian, East European, and Eurasia Studies Think Tank, which is building a sustainable, nationwide research and support network among Minority Serving Institutions, faculty mentors, and students of color and other underrepresented students.


One student, Dalea Hermanson, who took five courses and studied abroad in Russia with Dr. Lucey, wrote in support of the nomination, “I deeply value her as a teacher, a mentor, and a person. Dr Lucey’s empathy, humor, and professionalism lie in perfect balance. She is the type of teacher who keeps students intrigued and engaged, and encourages the dreams of her students.”


Misha Tentser, another student who has taken three courses with Lucey, wrote, “Serving as a compassionate adviser and sounding board when necessary, Dr. Lucey embodies the qualities of a conscientious changemaker, using her position of influence to inspire and motivate students to create the spaces they deserve and require. Dr. Lucey continues to introduce students to the complexity of Russian society and culture.


“Dr. Lucey’s passion for teaching and mentorship is immediately apparent from the moment you meet her: she speaks about her students as though she has known them for years, recalls details about their hopes and aspirations, and provides them with resources and opportunities to advance.”