Winter Convocation

The Humanities Convocation is a celebration just for you, our College of Humanities graduates! It is a lively and intimate ceremony that will give your family and friends an opportunity to hear your name called and cheer on your achievement as you cross the stage, greet Dorrance Dean A-P Durand and collect a special Humanities medallion. Congratulations to our 2022 graduates!

Friday, December 16, 2022
9:00 AM
Student Union Memorial Center Grand Ballroom
1303 E. University Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85719

If you have further questions about the ceremonies, please contact

FALL/Winter 2022
graduate Candidates (MA / phD)

Sara Alcazar Silva  PhD | Second Language Acquisition and Teaching
Nina Conrad  PhD | Second Language Acquisition and Teaching
Yan Dong  PhD | East Asian Studies
Matthew Conner Lee Hillin  MA | Classics
Muideen Owakorede Ibitowa  MA | French
Sally Whittier McCallum  MA | French
Jorge Mejia Sr.  PhD | Second Language Acquisition and Teaching
Sarah Minson  MA | Classics
Cole Matthew Smith  MA | Classics
Amelia Grace Symm  MA | Classics
Yu Tian  PhD | East Asian Studies
 Jingjing Xu  PhD | East Asian Studies

FALL/Winter 2022
Undergraduate Candidates (BA / BGS / BIS)

Esteban Alvarez   General Studies
Drake Anderson   General Studies
McKenna Andrews   Spanish | Psychology
Nicole Azbell   Interdisciplinary Studies
Antonio Balau   General Studies
Wesley Barkley  East Asian Studies
Kyon Barrs   General Studies
Jiarong Bei   General Studies
Tianna Bell   General Studies
Nathaniel Benavidez   Spanish | Psychology
Denver Bogat   Interdisciplinary Studies
Alia Bushaw  Classics | Religious Studies
Sophia Caldwell   General Studies
Jocelyn Carleton   Interdisciplinary Studies
Megan Carlquist   General Studies
Brooks Carrion   Interdisciplinary Studies
David Castillo   Interdisciplinary Studies
Gisella Celaya Curiel  Spanish
Nathan Chen   General Studies
Ao Chen   General Studies
Karla Corella Velarde  Spanish
Matthew Cornforth  Spanish
Jared Crawford   General Studies
Adam Curtis   General Studies
Ulisses Davila-Ibanez   Interdisciplinary Studies
Audrey De Leon   Interdisciplinary Studies
Christina Desoysa   General Studies
Nathan DeWitt   Interdisciplinary Studies
Helen Do  East Asian Studies | Creative Writing
Andrew Dobbs  French
Lydia Dobbs  French
Madison Doser  Applied Humanities | Law
Dallin Du Priest  Spanish
Sean Elliott   Interdisciplinary Studies
Blake Ensign   General Studies
Ediberto Farfan   General Studies
Nicholas Faulkner   General Studies
Jennifer Feingold   General Studies
Jaxyn Fetherling  Applied Humanities
Victoria Fiori   General Studies
Gabrielle Flores  Spanish
Virginia Ford   Interdisciplinary Studies
Elijah Franklin   General Studies
Jose Garcia   Interdisciplinary Studies
Alexis Gasca   Interdisciplinary Studies
Alberto Gonzalez  General Studies
Armando Gonzalez   Interdisciplinary Studies
Ashley Greenlee   Interdisciplinary Studies
Molly Haase   Applied Humanities
Travis Hayden   General Studies
Benjamin Hayt   Interdisciplinary Studies
Itzel Heredia   Interdisciplinary Studies
Meagan Hickey-Miller   General Studies
Garret Hrynko   General Studies
Max Hoffman   General Studies
Jackson Huffman  Classics
Blaze Hutkin   Interdisciplinary Studies
Yaning Inzunza   Applied Humanities
Carolyn Ivancic   Interdisciplinary Studies
Donna Jallits   Interdisciplinary Studies
Jamarye Joiner   General Studies
Zakary King   Interdisciplinary Studies
Sam Langi   General Studies
Hao Li   Interdisciplinary Studies
Lingxuan Li   Applied Humanities
Clinton Logan  Africana Studies
Lucero Mada   Spanish
Shannon Madden   General Studies
Courtney Martin   Interdisciplinary Studies
Arely Martinez   Spanish | Psychology
Madelyn Martinez   Religious Studies | Anthropology
Daniel Mays  Africana Studies
Isaiah Mays   Interdisciplinary Studies
Melanie Mendoza  General Studies
Zoe Meade   Religious Studies | English
Victoria Meisinger   Applied Humanities
James Melton-Shull   Spanish | Economics
Spencer Millard   General Studies
Madison Mitchell   General Studies
Sydney Mooneyham   Spanish | Geography
Blake Newton   General Studies
Kyrenna Nido   Spanish | Physiology
Carter Noble   Applied Humanities
Natalia Nunez  Spanish
Sulim Ordonez Munoz  Spanish
Jesus Ortega   Applied Humanities
Jordi Pacht   General Studies
Gabriela Patron   Interdisciplinary Studies
Alexa Paxson   General Studies
Alexander Payne   General Studies
Kimberly Perkins   General Studies
Cameron Peron   Applied Humanities
Ana Perruzzi   General Studies
Ryan Pitts  Classics
Rylan Pugliese  East Asian Studies
Adam Quackenbush   General Studies
David Ramirez   General Studies
Brandon Ramos   Interdisciplinary Studies
Xavier Raphael  Religious Studies | Psychology | English
Jesse Riley-Enriquez  Spanish
Jordan Rivero  German Studies | Linguistics
Edward Salido   Applied Humanities
Yentema Sambiani   Applied Humanities
Mihara Sanchez   Interdisciplinary Studies
Jennifer Schroeder  East Asian Studies | Religious Studies
Madeline Sharpe   General Studies
Adrianna Smith   Spanish | Neuroscience & Cognitive Science
Kelsey Smothers   General Studies
Victor Sonora   Spanish
Melissa Soto   Spanish
Culhane St John   General Studies
Jake Steiner   General Studies
Samarrah Stephan   Spanish | Accounting
Robert Sullivan   General Studies
Fehoko Sulunga   General Studies
Thomas Tadlock   General Studies
Seow Yin Tan-Rivas  World Literature
Horacio Tarazon   General Studies
Darian Torres   General Studies
Nicholas Ver Halen   General Studies
Ana Verduzco  French | Global Studies | Political Science
Ana Villasenor   Interdisciplinary Studies
Karly Villocino   Spanish | Performance
Shesh Vinay   Interdisciplinary Studies
Robert Wachter   Interdisciplinary Studies
Yuhan Wang  East Asian Studies | Studio Art
Carrie Zambrano  Interdisciplinary Studies
Carlos Zarabia   General Studies
Gerui Zhang   Applied Humanities
Zhuo Zheng   Interdisciplinary Studies