Spring Convocation

Humanities Convocation is a celebration just for you, our College of Humanities graduates! It is a lively and intimate ceremony that will give your family and friends an opportunity to hear your name called and cheer on your achievement as you cross the stage, greet Dorrance Dean A-P Durand and collect a special Humanities medallion. Note, there are separate ceremonies in the Spring to recognize our Master's/PhD degree candidates and our Bachelor's degree candidates.  


Thursday, May 11, 2023
2:00 PM
Student Union Memorial Center North Ballroom
Watch the hooding ceremony in the first video featured below! View graduate celebratory slideshow here.


Friday, May 12, 2023
9:00 AM
Student Union Memorial Center Grand Ballroom
Watch the convocation ceremony in the second video featured below! View undergraduate celebratory slideshow here.

If you have further questions about the ceremonies, please contact coh-convocation@arizona.edu.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) &
Master of Arts (MA) Candidates


Jackson Craig Abhau  MA | Classics
Idriss Adewumi Akinloye  MA | French
Caroline Alice Byrd  MA | German Studies
Isabella Calafate de Barros  PhD | Spanish
Marina Carcamo Garcia  PhD | Spanish
Feng Chen  PhD | East Asian Studies
Junyuan Chen  PhD | East Asian Studies
Richmond Embeywa  PhD | Transcultural German Studies
Bertram N Engelmann  MA | Russian
Federico Fabbri  PhD | Second Language Acquisition and Teaching
Gloria Alejandra Flores  PhD | Spanish
Rachel Floyd  PhD | Second Language Acquisition and Teaching
Xincheng Guo  MA | East Asian Studies
Matthew Conner Lee Hillin  MA | Classics
Taylor Hite  MA | Spanish
Keeley Marie Johnson  MA | Spanish
Catricia Galyn Kelley  MA | Russian
Ju Li Kim  PhD | Spanish
Alexander Pando Kiprof  MA | Classics
Calixte Nola Ayefemi Ablawa Kpenou  MA | French
Katrina Lynne Kuxhausen-DeRose  MA | Classics
Kevin Larger  MA | Russian
Tianyu Lei  PhD | East Asian Studies
Savhanna Shea Long  MA | Classics
Xiaolong Lu  PhD | East Asian Studies
Esther Nekoye Masibili  MA | German Studies
Thomas Oliver McMath  MA | Classics
Jaime Mejia Mayorga  PhD | Second Language Acquisition and Teaching
Ramon Cesar Mendez  PhD | Spanish
Favour Mofoluwawo  MA | German Studies
Lilian Aymara Morales  MA | Spanish
Veronica Oguilve  PhD | Second Language Acquisition and Teaching
Heesu Oh  MA | East Asian Studies
Aishat Omobolawa Oladipupo  MA | German Studies
Esther Sandra Opoku Mensah  MA | French
Louis Manuel Pantoja  PhD | Spanish
Seojin (Sophie) Park  PhD | Second Language Acquisition and Teaching
Jordyn Pursell  MA | Classics
Devin Raine  MA | Classics
Catherine Rockey  PhD | Spanish
Damian Yukio Romero Diaz  PhD | Spanish
Enrique Salazar Angulo  MA | Spanish
Rebecca Sanders  MA | Classics
Nicholas Savageaux  MA | Classics
Carmella Scorcia Pacheco  PhD | Spanish
Amelia Grace Symm  MA | Classics
Yu Tian  PhD | East Asian Studies
Jessica Tiegs  PhD | Spanish
Lorraine Simone Marcelle Turpault  MA | French
Elizaveta Volkovskaia  MA | Russian
Kaylie Williams  MA | French
Jingjing Xu  PhD | East Asian Studies
Huiqiao Yao  PhD | East Asian Studies
Oliver Yizukoni  MA | French
Brittany Zykoski  MA | French


BACHELOR of ARts (BA), Bachelor of Science (BS),
Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) &
Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS) CandiDATES


Alyssa Abeyta  Interdisciplinary Studies
Isela Aguilar Gamez  Applied Humanities | Spanish
Hasan Almaghaslah  Interdisciplinary Studies
Matt Aoki  Interdisciplinary Studies
Jazmin Aragon  Spanish
Cynthia Arellano  Interdisciplinary Studies
Tyler Ash  Classics | Philosophy
Chaz Aurilia  Interdisciplinary Studies
James Avilan  Interdisciplinary Studies
Olivia Babler-Lopez  Applied Humanities
Adam Baird  Interdisciplinary Studies
Mackenzie Barile  Applied Humanities
Shawnna Barker  Interdisciplinary Studies
Wes Barkley  East Asian Studies
Nastassja Barnes  Classics | Linguistics
Ruby Barroso  Interdisciplinary Studies
Natasha Barton  Spanish | Physiology & Medical Sciences
Anna Bauer  Spanish | Business Management
Jenny Baumann  Spanish | Speech, Language & Hearing Science
Cayla Belcher  East Asian Studies | History
Michael Benedict  Applied Humanities
Luis Benitez  Applied Humanities
Renee Bermudez   Applied Humanities
Hunter Besore  General Studies
Ashley Biegun  Interdisciplinary Studies
Mac Bingham Interdisciplinary Studies
Brandyn Blissitt  Applied Humanities
Zoey Block  Applied Humanities
Amanda Bockoven  Interdisciplinary Studies
Di Bodine  French
Laura Boese  German Studies | Classics
Johnathan Bolstad  Interdisciplinary Studies
Annabella Booth  Applied Humanities
Alan Bours  Interdisciplinary Studies
Melissa Bowen  Interdisciplinary Studies
Reece Branham  French | Business Economics
Connor Brigola  Interdisciplinary Studies
Harmon Brinson  Applied Humanities | German Studies
Joseph Brock  Interdisciplinary Studies
Tony Bullard  Interdisciplinary Studies
Emily Burrola  Interdisciplinary Studies
John Burton  General Studies
Brynn Butler  Applied Humanities
Scott Butler  Interdisciplinary Studies
Bridget Campbell  Applied Humanities
Jason Canizales  Spanish | Pharmaceutical Sciences
Tasha Carr  Interdisciplinary Studies
Jesus Carranza Lopez  Spanish | Law
Jake Carrillo  Interdisciplinary Studies
Nikos Casto  Spanish
Veronica Castro  Spanish
Nicholas Cauchi  Russian | Political Science
Leah Chaudoir  East Asian Studies | Psychology
Yuping Chen  East Asian Studies
Jordan Chisholm  Interdisciplinary Studies
Louis Choi  Classics | Philosophy, Politics, Economics & Law
Marykarlene Cisneros  Applied Humanities
Lauren Clark  Interdisciplinary Studies
Briana Cockrell  Interdisciplinary Studies
Adam Collins  Interdisciplinary Studies  
Alayna Connor  Spanish | Nutritional Sciences
Mitch Conroy  Religious Studies
Ryan Conway  Interdisciplinary Studies
Grace Cook  Interdisciplinary Studies
Madison Cook  Spanish | Biochemistry
Jacqueline Cratic  General Studies
Genevieve Craven  Applied Humanities | Physiology & Medical Sciences
Carter Crawford  Spanish | Political Science
Holly Crowther  Interdisciplinary Studies
Gabi Damiano  Interdisciplinary Studies
Frankee Darza  East Asian Studies | Molecular & Cellular Biology
Taylor Davis  General Studies
Lauren Degner  Italian | Retailing & Consumer Science
Erika Delgado  Interdisciplinary Studies
Madeline Diggs  Applied Humanities
Stephen Diltz  General Studies
Davis DiVall  Interdisciplinary Studies
Helen Do  East Asian Studies | Creative Writing
Frances Drye  Classics | English
Lily Duensing  French | Philosophy
Sarah Dugally  Applied Humanities
Vi Duong  Applied Humanities
Jennifer Duran-Gamez  Spanish | Law | Political Science
Natallie Echave  Spanish | Global Studies
Faithe Elsberry  Spanish | Pharmaceutical Sciences
Marin Ercegovic  Italian | Psychology
Cielo Escorcia  Spanish | Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences
Fatima Eyub  Russian | Physiology & Medical Sciences
Jazmyne Farmer  Applied Humanities
Natalie Faron  Interdisciplinary Studies
Cristina Felix  Spanish | Journalism
Langzhao Feng  Interdisciplinary Studies
Lauren Fields  Interdisciplinary Studies
Surya Fitzgerald  Spanish | Neuroscience & Cognitive Science
Kiarra Fonnesbeck  Interdisciplinary Studies
John Wesley Ford  Russian | Political Science
Maguire Foreste  Interdisciplinary Studies
Elijah Franklin  Interdisciplinary Studies
Daniel Fuentes  Applied Humanities
Monica Gallagher  Spanish
Belen Gallardo Reyes  Spanish | Psychological Science
Drake Galouzes  German Studies
Yulissa Galvan  Interdisciplinary Studies
Elyssa Gamache  Interdisciplinary Studies
Alexis Gasca  Interdisciplinary Studies
Jennifer Gaxiola  Spanish | Global Studies | Political Science
Tea Gaza  Interdisciplinary Studies
Max Gelb  Interdisciplinary Studies
Madison Gilbert  Applied Humanities
Qau'Taunoya Giles  Religious Studies
Allison Glazer  East Asian Studies | Chemistry
Amanda Gonzales  Classics | Psychology
Arabella Gonzalez  Applied Humanities
Daniela Gonzalez Herrera  Spanish | Psychological Science
Robbie Goodwin  Interdisciplinary Studies
Diego Graham  Interdisciplinary Studies
Melissa Grider  Spanish
Kelsey Grijalva  Applied Humanities
Yutong Guan  Interdisciplinary Studies
Paolo Guerra  Italian | Molecular & Cellular Biology
Lauren Gustafson  Applied Humanities
David Guzman  Interdisciplinary Studies
Molly Haase   Applied Humanities
Allen Hadi  Applied Humanities
Tyler Haller  Applied Humanities
Joshua Hamilton De Leon  Spanish
Samantha Harmon  General Studies
Rachel Harris  Interdisciplinary Studies
Travis Hayden  General Studies
Robbie Hays  Russian
Sarah Hempstead  Interdisciplinary Studies
Reagan Henney  Classics
Carlos Hernandez  German Studies
Cutberto Hernandez  Spanish | Physiology & Medical Sciences
Jazmyn Hernandez  Interdisciplinary Studies
Myana Hibbert  Religious Studies | Care, Health and Society
Austin Hicks  Interdisciplinary Studies
Tiago Higa Silva  French | Psychology
Grace Hohn  Applied Humanities
Agatha Holland  Classics | English
Ari Horvath  Spanish | Mathematics
Jiyun Huang  East Asian Studies | Economics
Ethan Hudgens  Italian | Psychology
Ethan Hunter  Spanish | Philosophy,Politics,Econ & Law
Megan Hurley  Spanish | Film and Television
Caroline Hyland  Spanish | Computer Science
Adele Ijagbemi  Interdisciplinary Studies
Thelma Iruegas-Morales  Spanish | Psychology
Rena Jakway  Interdisciplinary Studies
Nash Jameson  Interdisciplinary Studies
Caitlyn Jodon  Spanish | Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences
Caitlin Johnston  Interdisciplinary Studies
Andrew Jonda  Russian
Andy Jones  Spanish | Political Science
Audrey Jones   General Studies
Jacorey Jones  Interdisciplinary Studies
Anna Jovien  Interdisciplinary Studies
Chaeyun Jung  Applied Humanities
Joshua Kahn  Applied Humanities 
Jimmy Kapsalis  Interdisciplinary Studies
Maddi Kay  Applied Humanities
Brenda Kee-Jones  Interdisciplinary Studies
Aaron Keefe  Interdisciplinary Studies
Max Keliehor  Interdisciplinary Studies
Benjamin Kellerhals  Africana Studies | History
Emmery Kelly  Spanish | Physiology & Medical Sciences
Zakary King  Interdisciplinary Studies
Joshua Klein  Russian | Urban and Regional Development
Ivana Klymko  Spanish | Physiology & Medical Sciences
Mary Koenig  Spanish | Neuroscience & Cognitive Science | Physiology & Medical Sciences
Mallory Kreider  Applied Humanities
Carter Kroot  Interdisciplinary Studies
Jimena Laguna  Spanish | Accounting
Kristen Lamott  Interdisciplinary Studies
Jonathon Lamparter  Russian | Computer Science
Heaven Landrum  Interdisciplinary Studies
Kimberly Laney  Spanish
Lance Lang  East Asian Studies | Environmental Studies
Sam Langi  General Studies
Justin Langlois  Classics | Anthropology
Mikki Larese  Interdisciplinary Studies
Ariel Law  East Asian Studies | Nutritional Sciences
Nicole Lazar  Interdisciplinary Studies
Shannon Leahy  Applied Humanities
Karma Lee-Mane  German Studies
Ana Lent  East Asian Studies
Melissa Leon  Spanish | Public Health
Claire Leonard  Interdisciplinary Studies
Catherine Leyva  Spanish
Hao Li  Interdisciplinary Studies
Victoria Lindsey  Applied Humanities
James Linskey  Spanish | Physiology
Anthony Lopez  Interdisciplinary Studies
Elizabeth Lopez Dominguez  Spanish
Elizabeth Lopez  Spanish | Neuroscience & Cognitive Science
Francisco Lopez  Interdisciplinary Studies
Karen Lopez Castillo  Spanish | Sociology
Sean Losik  Interdisciplinary Studies
Sophie Louis  East Asian Studies | French
Kaleb Lucero  Russian | Engineering Management
Angelica Lucero Martinez  Spanish | Global Studies
Alexa Magro  Interdisciplinary Studies
Chance Majarian  Applied Humanities
Sean Malone  Spanish | Physiology & Medical Sciences
Michael Manley  Applied Humanities
Gannon Marconi  Interdisciplinary Studies
Joshua Markham  Interdisciplinary Studies
Alyssa Marquez  Applied Humanities
Kidron Martin  Religious Studies | History
Kyle Martin  Classics | Psychology
Arely Martinez  Spanish | Psychology
Esmery Martinez  Interdisciplinary Studies
Noelhia Martinez  Classics | Anthropology
Kimberly Martinez Hilburn  Applied Humanities
Kayla Marzette  Interdisciplinary Studies
Felice Masel  Interdisciplinary Studies
Natalie Mast  Interdisciplinary Studies
Madisyn Matello  Interdisciplinary Studies
Nikki Mayo  Interdisciplinary Studies
Danielle McCarthy  Interdisciplinary Studies
Ella McCarville  Spanish | Journalism
Quinn McClain-Dunlap  East Asian Studies
Nikolas McClaughry  Interdisciplinary Studies
Adrian McCune  Spanish | Economics
Tanner McLachlan  General Studies
Logan McLaughlin  Applied Humanities
Olivia McNally  French | Chemical Engineering
Hallie Meara  General Studies
Fernanda Medina Ponce  Spanish | Law
Richard Mendolia  Interdisciplinary Studies
Melanie Mendoza  General Studies
Axana Merckx  French | Political Science
Dayana Meza  Spanish
Jeff Millburg  Classics | Biology
Ryan Miller  Interdisciplinary Studies
Stephanie Miner  Interdisciplinary Studies
Angela Montano  Applied Humanities
Dinorah Montano Pesqueira  French | Sociology
Cecilia Mora Salas  Spanish
Angel Moreno  Spanish | Music Education
Nathalie Moreno  Spanish | Criminal Justice Studies
Polli Mt Agnew  General Studies
Clarisa Munguia Dominguez  Spanish | Creative Writing
McKenna Murphy  Applied Humanities
Emma Nakpairat  Spanish
Ellen Nangia  French | Physiology & Medical Sciences
Jeffrey Narvaez  Interdisciplinary Studies
Stephanie Nation  French | Elementary Education
Amanda Neiman  East Asian Studies
Cassandra New  Interdisciplinary Studies
Lisa Newmaster  Interdisciplinary Studies
Blake Newton  Interdisciplinary Studies
Al Ngo  Spanish | Physiology & Medical Sciences
Lute Nickerson  East Asian Studies
Brendan O'Boyle  Interdisciplinary Studies
Matthew O'Connor  Spanish | Physiology & Medical Sciences
Shannon Fry O'Hara  Interdisciplinary Studies
Luis Olivares  Interdisciplinary Studies
Chet Oreck  French | Russian
Tess Ortega  Applied Humanities
Claudio Othon  Applied Humanities
Richard Pacheco  German Studies | Political Science
Rita Panico  Applied Humanities
Joelle Pantea  Spanish | Biology
Ari Papadopoulos  Applied Humanities
Joseph Park  Applied Humanities
Ruben Pastran  Interdisciplinary Studies
Dominique Patterson  General Studies
Alexa Paxson  General Studies
Shaina Pellington  General Studies
Shelby Perkins  Interdisciplinary Studies
Thomas Pineau-Valencienne  Classics
Paola Pino-Aguirre  Interdisciplinary Studies
Leighanna Pipatanangkura  East Asian Studies | Computer Science
Jessica Plaza Rodriguez  Spanish | Family Studies & Human Development
Kalet Ponce de Leon  Interdisciplinary Studies
Gabrielle Powell  Interdisciplinary Studies
Rielly Puckett  East Asian Studies | Physiology
Page Pursley  Applied Humanities
Addison Quattlebaum  General Studies
Danny Radan  Interdisciplinary Studies
Devin Rahimzadeh  Interdisciplinary Studies
Kahlia Rainer  Interdisciplinary Studies
Brandon Ramos  Interdisciplinary Studies
Cecily Rauh  Applied Humanities
Ashley Register  Spanish | Care, Health and Society
Jayne Reines  Applied Humanities
Justin Reisz  Interdisciplinary Studies
Rodolfo Reyes  Spanish
Naomi Reynolds  East Asian Studies
Emma Richardson  Applied Humanities
Yamille Rioz  French | Psychology
Maddie Ritter  Interdisciplinary Studies
Victoria Rivera  Interdisciplinary Studies
Jordan Rivero  German Studies | Linguistics
Ashley Robertson  Applied Humanities
Sheridan Rodich  Applied Humanities
Nicole Rodriguez  Applied Humanities
Philipp Roederer  East Asian Studies
Amaya Romanski  French | Veterinary Science
Jordan Romez  Interdisciplinary Studies
Jessica Romo  Interdisciplinary Studies
Cathryn Rose Interdisciplinary Studies
Jack Rossi  Interdisciplinary Studies
Max Rovin  Interdisciplinary Studies
Alyssa Rubio  Interdisciplinary Studies
Cosme Rubio  Interdisciplinary Studies
Morgan Rucker  Spanish | Global Studies
Brianna Salinas  Spanish
Sofia Salvino  Interdisciplinary Studies
Elliana Samberg  Applied Humanities | Spanish
Reilly Sammon  Interdisciplinary Studies
Antonio Sanchez  Interdisciplinary Studies
Iris Devanhi Sandoval  Spanish | Family Studies & Human Development
Mia Santa Cruz  Interdisciplinary Studies
Allison Sauer  Classics | Political Science
Zeno Schabel  Interdisciplinary Studies
Hillary Schiff  French | Biochemistry
Brody Serafin  Interdisciplinary Studies
Anthony Shoghi  General Studies
Eddie Siaumau  Interdisciplinary Studies
Saul Silva  Spanish | Systems Engineering
Brianna Silvain  Italian | Studio Art
Emma Slenkovich  Spanish | Biochemistry
Mel Skan  Interdisciplinary Studies 
McKenna Smith  Interdisciplinary Studies
Stefanie Smith  Interdisciplinary Studies
Wesley Snyder  Religious Studies
Nick Solomon  Interdisciplinary Studies
Nedda Soltani  Interdisciplinary Studies
Nitant Soni  Classics | Molecular & Cellular Biology
Ashley Spartz  Italian | Environmental Science
June Speelman  East Asian Studies
Culhane St John  Interdisciplinary Studies
Chase Stanley  Interdisciplinary Studies
Ilyssa Stein  Applied Humanities
Samarrah Stephan  Spanish | Accounting
Quentin Stepp  German Studies | Economics
Michelle Ster  World Literature
Lockin Stevenson  Interdisciplinary Studies
Sophia Stine  Classics | East Asian Studies
John-Amos Stompoly  East Asian Studies
Dalton Stormo  Classics | Neuroscience & Cognitive Science
Katia Swanson  Applied Humanities
Sahnobiah Swaso  Applied Humanities
Zaira Sweeney  Interdisciplinary Studies
Erick Talamantes  Interdisciplinary Studies
Mohamed Tasir  Interdisciplinary Studies  
Eric Thompson  Interdisciplinary Studies
Hayden Toland  Interdisciplinary Studies
Miles Toland  Interdisciplinary Studies
Ana Torres  Interdisciplinary Studies
Chelsey Torres  Spanish 
Joanna Tran  East Asian Studies
Sean Trella  Interdisciplinary Studies
Lillian Trujillo  Spanish | English
Rhaya Truman  Africana Studies | Communication
Douglas Tsosie  Interdisciplinary Studies
Sean Tunnicliff  East Asian Studies | English
Chloe Ullman  Interdisciplinary Studies
Joseph Uriarte  General Studies
Davian Valencia  Applied Humanities
John Vasseur  Interdisciplinary Studies
Sharon Vega Flores  Spanish | Neuroscience & Cognitive Science
Ximena Velazquez Hernandez  Spanish
Ximei Veneklasen  East Asian Studies | Molecular & Cellular Biology
Selene Verdugo  Spanish | Physiology & Medical Sciences
Brent Wade  Interdisciplinary Studies
Grace Walker  Spanish
Nick Watson  Interdisciplinary Studies
Jonathan Weathersby  East Asian Studies | Microbiology
Olivia Weil  Interdisciplinary Studies
Calvin Welch  Applied Humanities
Tori Wendell  East Asian Studies | Linguistics
Kristine Werschler  Applied Humanities
Aaron Wilder  General Studies
Amanda Wilform  Interdisciplinary Studies
Darionne Williams  Applied Humanities
Max Williams  General Studies
Eva Wilson  French | Environmental Studies
Dede Winters  Interdisciplinary Studies
Zoe Woolf  Interdisciplinary Studies
Cassidy Worden  Interdisciplinary Studies
Robert Wright  Interdisciplinary Studies
Garth Xue  Interdisciplinary Studies
Norina Zadro-Young  Italian | Geosciences
Carrie Zambrano  Interdisciplinary Studies
Tara Zamiri  Applied Humanities
Danahi Zamora  Spanish | Psychological Science
Mikaela Zamora  Applied Humanities
Nolan Zamora  General Studies
Melanie Zhang  East Asian Studies | Business Management
Chao Zhu  Interdisciplinary Studies